Saturday Morning at the ClubHouse 2014 

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ma 94:7  2014 

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r-ainymornings asked:
Why did Madison cry on her birthday ?

I don’t know

“I knew there were other young adults like me living with cancer and I wanted to them to know that they were not alone. I wanted to show the world that you can still be positive no matter what you’re dealing with.” - Harry Hudson [x]

Love this

happy valentines day my babies xx

How is Pia verified but Garrett isn’t ?


I have the worst handwriting ever but idc because 😍👌

Incase you can’t read my writing

“One look at her and I knew Id spend far too much time trying to write a poem as beautiful as her”

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just-random-post asked:
When was the photo of kylie and cody released? Was it recent

it was leaked a couple of days ago but its from 2012

I feel so sorry for Gigi
lol Kris is a thirsty hoe